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Perspective is a 2D Platformer made for Heartbeast’s 72hr Game Jam "The Heart Jam". The theme of the jam was scarcity. I implemented scarcity by giving the player a limited amount of time to finish each level. In addition, I gave the player a special ability that greatly helps complete the objective of the level.  This special ability can only be used a certain amount of time for each level. Perspective features five short levels featuring challenges that the player must complete using his special ability while making sure that they beat the clock.

I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making.


Have fun - Braydpoul




I would also like to thank my brother for helping me out with some of the art.


Perspective.zip 20 MB


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man that game over screen is disturbing lol.

but I like your game!

thanks for the comment appreciate it